About Thula Baba Haven

The Thula Baba Haven is a non-profit organisation which raises funds and manages corporate social investment allocations to ensure the safety of new-born babies until the age of 6 months.

The Thula Baba online shop was designed to create an ongoing income for Thula Baba Haven NPO. By supporting local baby businesses, you are helping our very important small businesses in South Africa and supporting a great cause for underprivileged mothers and babies.

At Thula Baba Haven, we focus on poverty-stricken communities such as townships, informal human settlements, and rural areas. We want to instil hope in underprivileged mothers that they can take care of their infants, and to help alleviate considerations for abortions as far as possible.

Our dream is to make Thula Baba Basket accessible to every poor and needy mother, to give her the peace of mind that her baby will have a safe start in life. Educational programs for mothers are part of our cause too. We want to help mothers discover their identity and give them hope and the responsibility to rise above their circumstances.

By creating a safe sleeping environment for infants, we strive to reduce the rate of bed sharing, which is a significant risk factor for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and other risky sleep habits. Every Thula Baba Basket is environmentally friendly and is fitted with a breathable hypoallergenic mattress. The black and white images inside the basket also stimulate the babies in many positive ways.

In South Africa 3 431 babies are born every day, of which 4 out of 7 babies are born into underprivileged households and don’t have access to necessities, such as a safe bed and essential baby care products. Thula Baba Basket can provide just that.

We believe every baby has the right to life.

We are currently raising funds to ensure we deliver 5000 Thula Baba Baskets to hospitals, clinics and care houses in townships, informal settlements, and rural areas throughout the country.

What is in the basket?

The Thula Baba Basket contains the following items:

Meet the Team

As founders of Thula Baba Basket and as mothers ourselves, we have immense compassion for every new mom, especially those who do not have access to the necessary baby care essentials.

Our aim is to educate underprivileged mothers through ongoing workshops to find their identity , teach them how to care for themselves and their babies, inform them about the dangers of substance abuse during pregnancy and many other crucial topics. We want to help them to be self-efficient and to create a support system in their direct environment.

Lisa Swanepoel & Jeanne Erasmus, Directors of Thula Baba