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New Born Gift Set


1. MULTI-PURPOSE SANITIZING SPRITZ, 150ml: with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree oil & Lavender oil

Our sanitizer, in a handy spritz bottle, can be used to disinfect hands, surfaces, changing mats, or toys.

2. PROTECTING BUM PASTE, 100g: with Zinc, Coconut oil, Castor oil & Vitamin E

Protecting Bum Paste is a high-quality, natural product that forms a protective, anti-bacterial barrier on the skin surface to prevent moisture from irritating the skin.

3. GENTLE HAIR & BODY WASH, 250ml: with Aloe, Rooibos, Lavender oil & Marigold oil

Our soap-free body wash helps to preserve the skin’s natural oils and is soothing and hydrating.

4. CARING BODY LOTION, 250ml: with Rooibos, Aloe, Olive oil & Shea butter

Your baby will enjoy the benefits of this deeply nourishing moisturiser, which absorbs instantly to leave their skin feeling soft and silky.



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